Paul Ryan Just Too Fancy

A D.C. Politician who puts the ultra-rich first

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

Paul Ryan has put millionaires and billionaires ahead of hardworking Wisconsinites.

From health care to our economy, Ryan doesn’t look out for his constituents, instead he does the bidding of the wealthy and special interests.

The Issues

Increasing Healthcare Costs

Ryan has been fighting to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for over seven years, and this year he was able to push a terrible replacement, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), through the U.S. House of Representatives. The AHCA is a bad deal for Wisconsinites and a bad deal for the American people. It makes indefensible cuts to Medicaid while financing tax cuts for the ultra-rich at the expense of hardworking Wisconsinites. Under this bill, 48,900 people in WI-01 would lose healthcare coverage and older Americans would be hit with an “Age Tax,” which would increase their premiums by up to five times more than younger people.

Gutting Consumer Protections

One of Ryan’s priorities this year was gutting important rules of the road known as Dodd-Frank. These were protections put in place after the Great Recession, and yet, with Ryan’s leadership, the GOP House voted to gut these critical provisions all because Wall Street wanted them gone. It’s clear that Ryan is putting the wishes of Wall Street and their executives over hardworking Americans. In fact, one of the main provisions in this bill would be to virtually eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which defends citizens against abusive, predatory, and deceptive practices by big corporations. It’s no surprise that he is choosing Wall Street over his constituents, since he has received more than $6 million from the financial services industry.

Putting the Rich First

Throughout his career, Paul Ryan has proven again and again that he champions extreme budgets and radical policies that only serve as giveaways to corporations and the rich on the backs of hardworking Americans. His budgets have sought to undermine critical investments, including slashing funding for infrastructure and education, ending Medicare as we know it and making deep cuts to Medicaid. Ryan has repeatedly worked to dismantle Social Security, having openly called for its privatization and authored legislation that created private accounts. It’s clear that neither Wisconsinites nor the American people benefit, only special interests and the wealthy.